Slanket - the Blanket With Sleeves

The Original Slanket

The Orignal Slanket has revolutionised the blanket industry. It's made from a super-soft and snuggly material which is sure to keep you warm during the long, cold winter months. But what really sets The Slanket apart from the rest is its arms. Yep, you read that correctly, The Slanket is a fleece blanket with sleeves that allows you to move your arms around without exposing your body to the cold. A wonderfully simple solution to an age-old problem!

The Ultimate Slanket

What's that, you want more? Then take a look at the Ultimate Slanket, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the blanket world. It builds on the solid foundations of warmth and comfort laid by its predecessor and takes them to another level. You'll be pleased to know the sleeves remain, but the Ultimate Slanket's defining feature is its luxurious foot pocket which can be used to keep all ten of your toes warm and cosy. And they said Einstein was a genius!